ONE of several claimants to King Mzilikazi’s throne, Bulelani Collins Lobengula Khumalo has urged people of Matabeleland to prepare for commemorations to mark the 154th anniversary of the death of the founder of the Ndebele nation, King Mzilikazi.

The commemorations are set for September 10.

The South Africa-based Khumalo’s spokesperson Bornman Khumalo said they were appealing for donations in cash and foodstuffs to be used during the commemorations at Mhlahlandlela, which was King Mzilikazi’s headquarters.

Mhlahlandlela, Mzilikazi’s last known capital, is located off the Old Gwanda Road, about 22 kilometres outside Bulawayo.

“We urge you as a nation to attend the commemorations of our king. We are left with a month only, let us register. We have spoken to transport operators. We appeal for donations in cash and foodstuffs. If we go there in numbers, it will send a big message to those who are illegally occupying our land,’’ Khumalo said.

The name Mzilikazi means the great road.  King Mzilikazi was a southern African king who founded the Matabele kingdom in the region now called Matabeleland.

The Ndebele throne has, however, been contested for by a number of claimants such as Stanley Raphael Khumalo, who in May threatened to invade the Bulawayo State House to re-establish Mzilikazi’s kingdom.

Another hopeful for the Ndebele kingship is Peter Zwide Khumalo.

Recently, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga also claimed to be linked to the Ndebele royal family by virtue of him being the grandson of the last King Munhumutapa.

Source Newsday