A party ended tragically in Bindura on Saturday evening   after five people sustained burns  following a gas explosion on Saturday evening. 

The was party hosted by the Chibalo family at House Number 918 after an attempt was made to change gas plates as one of the plates was not functioning well.

Four of the burn victims were treated and discharged at Bindura Provincial Hospital, while one was detained for further treatment. 

'People were trying to change the gas tank as the one we were using wasn't functioning but it was proving difficult. They then decided to go outside but people were cooking nearby so when that's when the fire followed the gas and a huge flame when ablaze. I was slow to react and ran towards the flame said one of the victims 

Environmental Management Agency Provincial Spokesperson, Mr Maxwell Mupotsa confirmed the incident.

He said people should handle liquid petroleum gas with due care as it is hazardous as well as ensure gas tanks are serviced regularly by trained personnel.

Source - Byo24News