IT appears the toxic family feud, which spilled into court two weeks ago, might follow Charles “Mafripa” Dzvairo into his grave.

The former Warriors’ team manager, who died on Saturday, is set to be buried at Glen Forest Memorial Park today.

His body was taken to his Mandara home yesterday where some of his relatives claim he was once forced to live in the cottage, reserved for domestic servants, because of his differences with his widow Emily.

Reports yesterday claimed, at times, a hose pipe was used to bath him.

In the end, he was taken to a hospital which deals specifically with those suffering from mental challenges.

There are serious differences between Emily and his aunt, Reverend Hatifare Munouyi. There were reports that Dzvairo’s family members were barred from attending the funeral wake in Mandara until Emily withdraws a peace order against the reverend.

Rev Munouyi claimed she could not attend the funeral, as long as the peace order remains in existence.

She said she is the head of the Dzvairo family. Few family members were reported to have secretly visited the home to pay their last respects.

Source saw few Dzvairo family members at his Mandara home, with his daughter Danai Dzvairo, 24, leading the processing of burial documents.

Emily, through her elder sister Eunice Mujati, told source that the peace order did not ban Dzvairo family members from attending the funeral.

“Emily never banned any Dzvairo family members from attending the funeral as alleged,” said Eunice.

“She had some differences with Rev Munouyi that led her to approach the court for a peace order, but she is free to attend the funeral.

“We cannot fight for Charles’ body, but allow his soul to rest in peace.

“Charles suffered depression following the collapse of his business since he used to have money. Witchcraft claims were being crafted as a way of trying to distance Emily from the house and Charles’ children.

“The door is open for all who want to pay last respects to Charles.

“The Mujati family humbled themselves by asking Rev Munouyi to bury the hatchet with Emily to allow Charles’ soul to rest in peace.

“Kana pane zvakakanganiswa naEmily hanzi vavaudze zvozogadziriswa mutumbi waCharles waradzikwa.

“Charles’ blood sister based in South Africa is on her way and children of his two sisters are here with us.

“If Rev Munouyi fails to attend the funeral, Danai will lead the family in burying her father. Charles will be buried at Glen Forest tomorrow (today),” said Eunice.

Mafripa was the only son in a family of three.

Mafripa’s nephew, Tinashe Tadunungura, described him as a loving person and a hard worker dedicated to national duty.

“Sekuru Charles was sick for over a decade, we have lost a loving man,” said Tinashe.

“He was a great man, a celebrity and he introduced us to a number of celebrities.

“In life you meet some challenges that include being sick. May his soul rest in peace. As for the differences between Emily and Rev Munouyi, we urge the two to preach peace, not taking peace orders to cause discord among families,” said Tinashe

Source  HMetro