SUNGURA musician Gift Amuli has abandoned his traditional healing calling, barely two months after being initiated into the craft.

The Zvishavane-based singer in June openly confirmed to that he had turned into a full-time traditional healer because of misfortunes which were haunting him.

“It took a long journey for me to become a traditional healer,” he said then. “I had a lot of disturbing issues in my life until I was told that there is no way except being initiated into traditional healing. I am not ashamed of it, that is why I publicise it, and I am happy too.”

Interestingly, Amuli in January was featured in Svikiro, a hip-hop song by Lee Fire and Tat Man.

However, in a surprising sudden turn of events, Amuli yesterday said he could not handle the traditional healing duties anymore.

He has decided to abandon his sangoma “calling” and is now seeking help through Christianity.

“I ventured into traditional healing because I was told that was the only solution to end my personal problems which included strange dreams that haunted my life ever since I was a child,” he said, adding that he had gladly agreed and accepted to be initiated into traditional healing.

“I was somehow eager to start my duties and that is why I publicised it unashamedly. My duties required me to operate away from home. This meant I had to abandon my family and stay out of town at KwaMabasa. This became one of the problems that was now affecting me because I needed my family with me.”

I strangely fell sick and each night I felt like someone was choking me until I realised that the path I was taking was difficult and not good for me. A family member advised me to seek help from churches, that is why I went to Madzibaba Yakope’s shrine in Macheke to look for help. I now want to live a normal life as in the past.”

Amuli, who is still a committed musician, added: “Although all these things are happening to me, I am not going to abandon my music career. Yes, the brand might have been affected, but I want my fans to have faith in me. I am a good musician, I don’t know how people are going to react, but when it comes to music, I am not going back and I will keep on releasing both sungura and hip-hop tracks.”

Amuli ventured into music in the late 90s forming Zvishavane Sounds and released such hits as WamatukaBy Ginya and Bhora Mberi, among others.

Source Newsday