Tragedy: Family Seeks Help After Zimbabwean Student Dies In Poland, Leaving 7-Month-Old Baby Stranded


A family is appealing for financial help after a 23-year-old Zimbabwean student died in Poland and left behind a 7-month-old baby. The orphaned baby is currently in the care of a pastor at a church in Poland.

Ashly Gugu Ncube was studying for a degree in Languages at Szkoła Języka Polskiego Together University. She was also a single mother after giving birth to a baby girl in January.

On August 6, Ashley tragically passed away after a short illness, leaving her baby orphaned. Her family is now seeking assistance to repatriate their late daughter’s body and her orphaned baby.

A Go Fund Me campaign has since been created to help the family to raise funds. Part of the appeal for the Go Fund Me campaign reads,


Dear friends and family,

With deep sadness in our hearts, we share the news of the untimely passing of Ashley Gugu Ncube *at the age of 23 years* after a short illness on the August 6 2022 in Łódź, WAM, Poland, where she was studying for a degree in Languages at Szkoła Języka Polskiego Together University. *Ashley was a kind, strong, bubbly, loving, young person*. In January, 2022 Ashley was blessed with a baby girl, though she was alone in Poland she remained strong, mothering her baby and continuing with her studies*. She leaves behind her 7 months old baby who is currently in the hands of the Pastor of Victory in Jesus Church, Poland, of whom we are very grateful as a family for her selfless love. It pains us to know, we might not be able to pay our last respects as she passed on in a faraway country.

Sadly, with this sudden tragedy and unforeseen circumstances, our family has been left with costly transportation and burial expenses. We are currently asking for donations to help cover these costs, particularly sending Ashley’s body back to Bulawayo, in Zimbabwe so that we can properly honour her life. We are setting up a go fund me for Ashley, and we are aiming to raise money to take care of all the expenses associated with Ashley’s passing. Above all your assistance will help her loved ones not only being able to have closure but sending Ashley’s daughter to her grandmother in Bulawayo where she will grow up surrounded with unconditional love.

Any amount will truly help our family, and we would appreciate you sharing this with anyone who wants to assist Ashley. Any other funds raised above this amount will go towards her daughter’s immediate wellbeing before she is brought back home.

Thanks so much!

If you want to contribute to help repatriate Ashley’s body and her orphaned baby, please visit the link below:


Support for the family of Ashley Gugu Ncube