PICS| Enzo Ishall’s Ex-Wife Trish’s Dazzling Transformation

Zimdancehall musician Enzo Ishall’s ex-wife Trish has had an amazing glow-up.

The last time she was in the news, Trish had viciously attacked Enzo Ishall, real name Stephen Kudzanai Mamhare.

Trish allegedly attacked the Kanjiva hitmaker over female dancers in videos to promote his new single entitled “50 Magate” that he posted on his Whatsapp status. At the time, Enzo Ishall did not lodge a complaint with the police because he loved her and said he did not want to press any charges against her.

It was also revealed that Enzo Ishall was taken care of by his wife before his rise to fame and she had started wearing the trousers in the union.

Enzo Ishall and his ex-wife Trish would eventually go their separate ways with the Zimdancehall musician stating that he decided to call it quits on his marriage because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his wife.

Apart from being physically abusive,  Trish was according to Enzo, “disrespectful, uncaring, did not want to cook for him, unfaithful and denied him his conjugal rights.”

The couple split in 2019 and Enzo Ishall went on to marry actress and model Mellisa Mafadzwa sometime this year.

At the time the couple divorced, Trish was scrawny and nothing was heard or seen about her until now. Enzo Ishall’s ex-wife has undergone an amazing transformation. She looks like she has been living good and seems to have added on a little bit of weight to her once slim frame.



Enzo Ishall Ex Wife
Enzo Ishall’s ex-wife Trish in amazing transformation (Image Credit: Mafaro)


One thing we can confirm is that Trish’s taste in hairstyles has not changed. In the new pictures showing her amazing transformation, Trish is spotting a weave which is similar in colour to the last ginger hairstyle she had the last time her picture was in the press.