Woman Leaves Husband In South Africa & Secretly Marries Zimbabwean Lover

A married woman left her husband in South Africa to secretly marry her lover in Zimbabwe.

The woman, Elizabeth Chihota, left her husband Tinashe Murimba in South Africa two weeks ago. She went on to marry her lover identified as Freddy Dzonya, on Saturday while the marriage to her husband in South Africa still subsists.

In an interview with a weekly tabloid, Elizabeth Chihota confirmed that she came from South Africa a fortnight ago. She however denied that her marriage to Tinashe Murimba still subsists.

The woman said she and her husband in South Africa divorced a long time ago. She said:

That information is not true. Where did you get it? What l know is that Tinashe is my ex. Zvimwe zvese I don’t know. What is his version? Handizi mukadzi wake, I am a married woman. Takarambana kare, iye anozviziva. How did you get my numbers?

The woman said she was no longer staying with her husband in South Africa when she returned to Zimbabwe to marry her lover. Elizabeth said:

I am sure it’s from a girl arikurwadziwawo nekuchata kwangu. Yes, I left SA two weeks ago, but ndanga ndisingabve kwaari. Pane zvatakaita, but hapana kuitwa gupuro. My dear, people say things. The truth is we broke up and I was staying alone before I decided to come back home, ask him again. How can I use someone who doesn’t have money.

Her husband in South Africa however contradicted her claims that they divorced a long time ago. He said when she left South Africa for Zimbabwe, they were talking like normal lovers. Tinashe said:

We have been together for six years. If I was not strong dai ndazviuraya. If they want me to come there, ndouya. Ndakaombereswa. There has been no gupuro to tell me that I am no longer their mukwasha. She said her business of beauty and cosmetic products rawandirwa kuHarare. She then took all her things. She blocked me on her statuses and started posting her lover. I was then informed by close friends that my wife was getting married. When she left here, two weeks ago, we were talking like normal lovers. I am shocked and can’t believe what’s happening

Tinashe said he even tried to talk to his wife’s Zimbabwean lover but to no avail.