Boss Pangolin Murder Case: Samantha Dzapata’s Family Risks Being Tormented By Avenging Spirit

The Boss Pangolin murder case has taken a new dimension amid revelations that the late Samantha Dzapata‘s family risks being tormented by an avenging spirit.

Dzapata was shot dead by Boss Pangolin, real name Tafadzwa Murengwa in July this year. After shooting Dzapata, Murengwa later committed suicide the following day.

Given the circumstances, many would expect Dzapata’s spirit to torment Murengwa’s family. However, there is the possibility that Boss Pangolin’s spirit will torment Dzapata’s family.

This was revealed by Gogo Grace Marumahoko who took care of Boss Pangolin when he was a young man in Guruve. Gogo Marumahoko said Samantha Dzapata’s family risks being tormented by Boss Pangolin’s avenging spirit if they do not return his belongings.

She said the Murengwas will not ask for Boss Pangolin’s belongings but they are hoping the Dzapatas will return them back. She said if not, Murengwa will fight from the grave because they were also wronged. Gogo Marumahoko said:

If she had been honest, we would not have been in this mess. We will not demand his belongings but they should simply do the right thing and hand the things over . . . Murengwa will fight from the grave because we also feel he was wronged

She added that they are willing to do the right thing and compensate Dzapata’s family. Gogo Marumahoko said Boss Pangolin will fight for his belongings to be returned if he wants to. She said:

He died for his belongings, it is not for us to fight on his behalf so we will simply do what is right for Dzapata’s family (appease) and leave the rest to him, he will fight if he wants to.

Gogo Marumahoko said they reached out to Samantha Dzapata’s family so that they can pay their respects and talk about compensation. She added that the situation would have been different if Samantha had been honest with Boss Pangolin and returned his belongings.

Gogo Marumahoko said:

Had Samantha simply returned Murengwa’s items and money all this would have not happened, he should fight from the grave

Murengwa’s aunt, Bertha Gombedza said they called the Dzapata family who said they would call after the Heroes Day and Defence Forces holidays. She said Tafadzwa Murengwa’s family is still waiting to be called by the Dzapatas.