A 70-year-old Seke woman is reeling in the eye of a storm amid allegations of selling a non-existent piece of land measuring 2 600 square metres in Seke district, Mashonaland East.

The land situated in Tugwete village, under Chief Seke in Manyame Rural District Council was valued at US$4 000.

Ward 1 councillor Blessing Tangwara confirmed the alleged illegal sale of the land by Sheri Nyamudoka to Aida Mhesano.

Contacted for comment, Sheri Nyamudoka said she sold the land in order to pay for her child’s medical bills.

“Yes, I sold my piece of land. However, there is a misunderstanding with the village head who is disputing ownership of the land in question.

“Mrs Mhesano wants to develop the area now, but I told her to wait a little bit while I sort out the land dispute issue. I even approached the local Chief with her to prove that I am the rightful owner of the land,” she said.

Granny Nyamudoka also said she was even prepared to refund Mrs Mhesano’s money.

Allegations are that Mrs Mhesano approached Granny Nyamudoka in 2020 looking for a stand to purchase and made a deposit and agreed to a monthly payment plan for the remainder.

However, despite Mhesano paying a deposit of US$1 000 and making instalments, she was advised by the village head that the land sold by Gogo Nyamudoka belongs to her relatives.

Our publication is in possession of an affidavit signed between the two parties on January 2, 2020.

“I sold a piece of my land measuring 2 600 square metres in Tugwete village, Chief Seke for $64 000 which is equivalent to US$4 000. The buyer is Aida Mhesano NR 63……26.

“She has paid a deposit of $16 000 (US$1 000) the balance is now $45 000 which is equivalent to interbank rate US$3 000 payable in monthly instalments of $8 000 (US$500),” reads the affidavit.

Source Herald