THE Zimbabwe Women Against Corruption Trust (ZWACT) says having anti-corruption modules in the country’s education system is necessary towards fighting graft.

In a statement on International Youth Day, ZWACT also urged the youth not to shy away from taking leadership positions to be better placed to fight corruption.

“Mainstreaming anticorruption teachings in the education curricula from early childhood learning up to tertiary institutions will ensure that people know their rights from a younger age and be empowered to resist and report corruption when it occurs,” ZWACT said.

“The country is losing large sums of money annually through illicit financial flows and tax evasion. When the government fails to collect enough revenue, many obligations won’t be fulfilled, especially that of creating jobs for the youth. “

This year’s International Youth Day was held under the theme: Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for all ages.

ZWACT said the youth must also be empowered to actively participate in governance processes.

“Empowering youths to actively participate in the mainstream economy and take leadership positions allows them to grow in a positive environment that promotes their personal growth,” the watchdog said.

“However, youth participation in politics, leadership and in the mainstream economy is relatively low because of various barriers such as corruption and poverty.”

Source Newsday