VICE President Chiwenga’s ex-wife, Marry Mubaiwa, through her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has filed an application to be removed from remand in a matter she is accused of money laundering.

She appeared before Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje.

Mtetwa said her client has been on remand for too long yet no investigations have been done.

The lawyer said the  State will not suffer any prejudice if Mubaiwa is freed adding that forcing her to come to court was an act of vengeance. “You heard the investigating officer saying that the State will not suffer any prejudice if that happens and keeping her on remand will be an act of vengeance not of justice,” said Mtetwa.

Investigating officer Victor Masimba had told the court that the State will not suffer any prejudice if Mubaiwa is removed from remand. He however, suggested that only her bail conditions can be relaxed.

“If the accused is removed from remand, l don’t think we will suffer any prejudice because we are almost through with the investigations.

Mary Mubaiwa is brought to court for a recent hearing

“l think it’s important for her to report to the police so that her presence will be known and her reporting conditions may be relaxed but can not be completely removed,” said Masimba.

Masimba also told the court that what was left of the investigations required only two weeks to finalise.

He said the State was waiting for a password for documents that came from South Africa so that the investigations can be completed.

“We have received some documents from South Africa encrypted with a password so we have requested the password so that we would be able to complete our investigations,” he added.

The ruling on the application will be available on next Tuesday in the afternoon.

Mubaiwa is critically ill and unable to walk to an extent that she will be taken to a courtroom in a wheelchair.

Although she is unable to follow proceedings the authorities still demand her presence in court.

The former model is also charged with attempted murder and assault.

Money laundering trial has been hanging before the courts for over two years with no progress.

Source NewZimbabwe