Village head Nzembe from Nzembe Village under Chief Charumbira has been accused of trying to sweep under the carpet, the rap_e of a mentally challenged woman by three men who are all related to the former.

The rap_e cases are said to have been going on since 2017.

The matter came to light after the complainant got an STI that developed into a wound in her ut3rus.

The accused are Taona Tavaruva (44), Clifford Maimba (43) and Terrence Madzvatsvani (41) who are all cousins and related to village head Nzembe.

Allegations are that Nzembe tried to keep the matter under wraps until the complainant’s aunt who stays in Masvingo visited and found the complainant bedridden.

Tavaruva is being represented by Martin Mureri of Matutu, Mureri Legal Practitioners while Maimba and Madzvatsvani are being represented by Omen Mafa.

Tavaruva appeared before Masvingo Regional Magistrate Bishard Chineka last week while Madzvatsvani appeared before Magistrate Patience Madondo and Maimba is yet to appear in court.

The complainant who has speaking problems and could not remember the dates told the court that she was rap_ed from 2017 when her mother died and the men came on different occasions as they stay near her home and they share the same toilet.

The State alleges that on an unknown date Tavaruva invited the complainant to his homestead and she agreed. He took her inside his bedroom and rap_ed her once.

It is also alleged that Madzvatsvani promised to marry the complainant and on dates unknown to the State he rap_ed the complainant.

Eunice Shoko and Liberty Hove are prosecuting.

— Mirror