Temba Mliswa Exposes Susan Mutami, Leaks Her Chats With Kenneth Musanhi

Outspoken Norton legislator Temba Mliswa is on the offensive against his alleged baby mama Susan Mutami and has released evidence that could potentially damage her credibility.

Mutami, who is based in Australia sent shockwaves across Zimbabwe after she revealed a long list of top government officials she reportedly bedded.

Last month, Susan Mutami hosted a Twitter Space in which she vented for four hours and gave graphic details of trysts.

On Friday, Temba Mliswa leaked WhatsApp chats between Susan Mutami and Kenneth Musanhi.

In the leaked chats, Mutami tries to woo Mashonaland Central politburo member Kenneth Musanhi who is having none of it. Susan Mutami accuses him of dumping her to which he denies adding that they were never in a relationship but were friends. You can read the chats below:

Susan Mutami Kenneth Musanhi
Susan Mutami and Kenneth Musanhi leaked chats (Image Credit: ZimboLive TV)

Kenneth Musanhi accuses Susan Mutami of getting close to him using false pretences. The Zanu-PF politician says he thought Susan wanted to donate equipment but it turned out it was a guise to get close to him. You can read the leaked chat below:

Susan Mutami Kenneth Musanhi
Musanhi accuses Susan Mutami of having ulterior motives (Image Credit: ZimboLive TV)

She also denies having a child with the late Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso Moyo whom she said was the father of her firstborn son on Twitter. It is not clear if she only said this to put Musanhi at ease so that they could have a relationship or if that is the truth.

You can read the chats below:

Susan Mutami Kenneth Musanhi
Susan Mutami tells Kenneth Musanhi that SB Moyo is not the father of her child (Image Credit: ZimboLive TV)