International remittance company Senditoo has partnered with local money transfer business, Access Forex, to make it possible for Zimbabweans in the UK to send money across a wider network.

Source cites Access Forex chief executive Raymond Chigogwana as saying: We are delighted to be able to lend our valuable distribution network and secure payout portal to more customers. We have enjoyed working closely with Senditoo to switch their full portfolio of services back on and ultimately, ensure that Zimbabweans locally and abroad get cash to where it is needed most.

Senditoo’s money transfer service will allow for US$2 flat-fee remittances with complimentary exchange rates and real-time transaction monitoring, the firm said.

Senditoo has grown in the last four years, starting with airtime transfers before extending its service offer to include money remittances and enabling customers to pay their bills.

Takwana Tyaranini, Senditoo Co-founder, said:

This partnership cements our commitment to being the remittance service provider of choice for Zimbabweans living abroad and locally.

Senditoo was set up to connect the African diaspora to loved ones at home. In line with our strategic priorities, we have partnered with some of the most reputable businesses and organisations across Zimbabwe, Zambia, Guinea and the UK to create a strong presence — ensuring our customers have fast, simple, and hassle-free international transfers.

Tyaranini added that Senditoo was continually working on improving its services to enable customers across Zimbabwe to have accessible pay-out points that are convenient and cost-effective.

Tyaranini also said the partnership with Access Forex means they now have a presence in every province and district with nearly 200 pay-out points.

Source Pindula News