OFFICIAL: Africa Super League Launched, Here Is What You Need To Know About The League

The Africa Super League was launched yesterday [Wednesday] in Tanzania, Arusha, with CAF president Patrice Motsepe and FIFA president Gianni Infantino gracing the event.

Africa Super League is a competition where 24 teams across the continent will compete, and the league is set to commence in August 2023.

According to CAF president Motsepe, the league winners will walk away with a cool $11.5 million in its inaugural season.

Not only that, but Motsepe also revealed that each team participating in the league, deemed a revolution of African football, would be given $2.5 million.

The launch of the Africa Super League came a few months after the European Super League collapsed when fans protested against it, demanding that their clubs ditch the project.

However, FIFA president Infantino heaped praise on this Africa Super League which has the same concept as the failed European Super League.

Speaking at the event, president Infantino said:

When you launch a project like this and I’m very proud as FIFA President to be here to offer support and assistance as FIFA. I’d like to congratulate, CAF, its President, and the whole executive committee, associations, and clubs that have contributed to shaping this incredibly, exciting and innovative project.

“It’s an innovative project and anchored on the values and institutions of football, it’s a project done within the CAF and FIFA institutions and within the football pyramid globally, we’re working together because we feel there’s a need in Africa and other parts of the world to take club football to the next level.

“It’s a project that will make African club football shine, not only in Africa but beyond Africa as well. These top clubs will enter the league with an opportunity for promotion and relegation and give access to all the clubs in Africa to participate in the competition. The players will shine globally not only in Africa…”

Meanwhile, the 24 teams set to participate in the Africa Super League are yet to be named.