A NUMBER of local organisations have joined forces to organise the Nyamavhuvhu poetry festival to celebrate poetry, music and fashion.

Moon Child District, in collaboration with Moto Republic, LitFest Harare and Big Sis Got, are organising the festival scheduled for this Saturday at Moto Republic in Belgravia, Harare.

It will run under the theme #Spokenwordpoetry#AfroFuturism#Fortheculture.

Moon Child District led by Prince Rayanne Chidzvondo, Nicole Chimanikire and Rubzi Chikanda is a movement of artists with common interests in creating art and sustainability.

Chidzvondo told the source that the festival is meant to create a culture of hybrid art through fusing poetry and other genres.

“Spoken word can touch the human soul regardless of age, gender, race or religion. It transcends physical traits and connects people on an emotional level,” Chidzvondo said.

“We are hosting this event for the third time with the need to make poetry mainstream in the entertainment industry.”

He said this year they were also targeting new audiences and partners in their endeavour to bring culture to life.

“At this year’s festival we will also be having special appearances from well-known fashionistas,” Chidzvondo said, adding that the festival theme Afrofuturism meant a fluid ideology shaped by generations of artists, musicians, scholars and activists whose aim is to reconstruct “blackness” in culture.

“In our theme of Afrofuturism through poetry, we imagine and create whole worlds where we do not only achieve greatness, but we also thrive in our own culture. A narrative that simply features a black character in a futuristic world is not enough, hence we aim at celebrating the uniqueness and innovation of the black culture,” he added.

Source Newsday