GOSPEL singer and producer Brian “The Great Asubwi” Ngolomi launched his much-awaited album, Takaenda Takaenda at the Alliance Church in Chitungwiza on Heroes day.

Ngolomi, who is also a pastor and entrepreneur, said the album spoke to receiving Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the visa to heaven.

“The message of the songs on the album tells people that to get to heaven they need to receive Jesus and secure eternal life,” he said.

“On earth, people need papers such as passports and visas to travel from one country to another, but to go to the country called heaven, one needs the visa of having Jesus as their Lord.”

Songs on the album are Takaenda Takaenda, Sungano, Ndodada Naye, Huyaiwo KunaJesu and Mudhuze Nababa.

At the launch, Ngolomi sold his first three CDs for US$300, US$150 and US$120.

Reginald Chapfunga, who bought a CD for US$120 pledged to sponsor a video shoot and editing for one song.

Mariro Burial Society chairperson, Simbarashe Makonese — who sponsored the production of the album for their ambassador — said their organisation was founded on Christian principles.

“Our sponsorship for Takaenda Takaenda album means that we are trying to reach out to people to understand death and bereavement as normal experiences in life. These can be prepared for through accepting Jesus Christ as their saviour, ticket to heaven and resurrection,” he said.

The launch was attended by fellow singers Bethan Pasinawako, Kudzi Nyakudya, Trymore Bande and Caster Vhengere among others who also gave good performances.

Source Newsday