Zimdancehall artiste Silent Killer, whose real name is Jummy Mudereri, has confessed to abusing an illicit drug called Guka Makafela (crystal meth).

Speaking during Star FM’s After Drive show hosted by DJ Ollah 7, Silent Killer said he doesn’t like drugs but takes them when they are offered to him. He said:

I no longer trust people in my circles. I don’t remember how many times I have taken guka. Only those vandorova navo know better.

I don’t like drugs, ndivo vanotouya nemadrugs avo, I don’t have much explanation about drugs, I am just an innocent soul anotoigirwawo.

Drugs make someone high and it becomes difficult to control oneself.

The musician said the reason why most people were taking drugs could be idleness and peer pressure.

He said there is need to identify routes being used to smuggle drugs and illicit substances into the country and arrest the perpetrators. Said Silent Killer:

Kuborder ikoko, these drugs are not allowed, kwavanohorder ikoko, nevanoloader nekuoffloader, isusu tiri pakuoffloder, hatisi pakuhorder, it starts from the source.

Corruption is the main enemy, if there was no corruption, dai ma drugs asingapinde, but they enter through the border, where people are searched.

He also talked about his relationship with DJ Fantan saying the Chillspot proprietor holds a grudge against him. He said:

Hatiwirirane naFantan, he holds grudge with me, but we once worked together.

He almost ran over me with his car. I am not accusing him but he wanted to run over me after we met.

I exposed him in 2019, when we were no longer working together at Chill Spot, ndakunzi ndapera.

Silent Killer said he was educated up to Ordinary Level and “passed” only one subject with a “D” grade. On how he got his nickname, he said:

I just remember ndakudaidzwa kunzi Silent Killer in 2006 and now they are now calling me Ngirozi Yehondo.

I think I got this name from God, I released a song in 2013 which was a reply to the one produced by PTK.

From there, I was now being called Ngirozi Yehondo.

I don’t look for war, the only war I fight is to fight hondo dzezvakaipa, Satan, who is tormenting us as young people.

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