CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has urged young people to ignore claims that elections don’t work in Zimbabwe and instead register to vote before the 2023 elections.

Speaking during a recent election watch update, Mahere accused ZANU PF of propagating the “myth” that elections don’t work in order to dissuade young people from registering to vote. Said Mahere: ZANU PF would not invest so much infrastructure, energy and resources in the electoral process if voting didn’t work.

We want to emphasize to all the citizens, young people, to professionals, to people in urban areas, people in rural areas that elections work.

If there has ever been a need for Zimbabweans to come together it’s now because our change depends on it, we cannot afford a further 5 years of the same.

A report published in April 2022 by the Citizens In Action Southern Africa (CIASA) said young people “feel that their vote will not make any difference” and have no interest in taking “part in elections because they see no immediate gain to problems, they are facing such unemployment and poverty.”