A man who has been physically and verbally abused by his son rushed to Western Commonage Court to apply for a protection order.

Reason Ncube (65) from Mpopoma suburb lost a lot of property after his son – Hlalani Ncube (40) allegedly stole it and sold it cheaply.

He used the money to buy booze and to hire s3_x workers.

Neighbours told Ncube that Hlalani was the one who was stealing his property and selling it.

When Ncube asked Hlalani about the missing property his cheeky son launched a verbal attack on him branding him a senseless man.

Ncube is not employed and due to that at times he does not have money to buy meat as such he cooks vegetables as relish.

His son fumes and bashes him and insults him.

In a bid to live a peaceful life at his house, Ncube applied for a protection order against his abusive son.

“My name is Reason Ncube.

“I live with my son Hlalani Ncube and he does not want to work.

“He is very abusive.

“He steals my household property and sells it.

“When I ask him why he does that he fumes at me, bashes me and insults me.

“He squanders the money on alcohol and s3_x workers.

“Sometimes he hires a s3_x worker and would have s3_x in the toilet during the night and in the morning I pick used c0nd0ms in the toilet.

“Therefore I’m applying for a protection order against him.”

The presiding magistrate Linear Khumalo granted Reason the protection order.

Hlalani was ordered to refrain from verbally and physically assaulting his father.

— BMetro