South African rapper AKA has got social media talking after he subtly fired shots at prophets who claim to deliver prophetic messages of death.

Though he did not mention any names, AKA’s post appeared directed toward controversial Zimbabwean Prophet Mellontik Orasi who has made a name for himself by claiming to have accurately predicted the deaths of many South African celebs like Jamie Bartlett, Busi Lurayi.

Recently taking to Facebook, Prophet Mellontik predicted that another South African celebrity was going to die soon. He also prophesied that two entertainers would die before year-end while a musician would pass away soon.

A loved South African celebrity is resting shortly, I see a Twitter post like the family has confirmed the death of _”

“A very sad day as two entertainers on the TV set rest before year-end, male and female.”

“Musician falling shortly”

Seemingly responding to Prophet Mellontik death prophecy, AKA slammed the prophet of doom for spreading fear amongst people with unrequested prophecies and dreams.

People need to stop scaring others by offering their unwanted and unrequested ‘prophesies’ and ‘dreams’ absolutely RANDOMLY. God is a God of love and warmth, not FEAR. Anyone who tries to scare you or make you fearful is not a messenger of GOD. You will know God’s voice”

“GOD is a not a God of fear. Anything or anyone that seeks to make you fearful of anything is not from God”

AKA said  God is a God of love, not a God of fear. As such, anyone who tries to make other people fearful is not a messenger of God.

People will say the craziest s**t to you … OUT OF THE BLUE as complete and total strangers. It’s wild”

He added that God was God of Signs and wonders

That’s not how it works … read the scripture … respect anyone who mentions the name of God to you? No, God is a God of SIGNS AND WONDERS”