A PROPHET has turned into a traditional healer and turned a Mabelreign street into a posh car show as dozens of upmarket clients jostle for his services.

Sekuru Tasvo, who was born Gift Muzanenhamo, abandoned his faith healing practice to become a traditional healer.

He is now attracting hordes of clients, including foreigners, seeking help for various ailments and a better life.

One of his neighbours told H-Metro that he initially thought Sekuru Tasvo had opened a garage, which repairs posh vehicles only, before he knew who he was.

“Expensive vehicles have been parking on this street for some months now.

“At first, I thought our neighbour has started repairing the latest vehicles before I learnt about his work.

“Another neighbour asked me if there was a funeral and we kept guessing until we came to know about Sekuru Tasvo.

“He attracts a large number of Zimbabweans and people from neighbouring countries,” said the neighbour.

When H-Metro visited the area yesterday, a number of people claimed they had been queuing for more than a week to consult Sekuru Tasvo.

Sekuru Tasvo charges US$200 for VIP treatment and US$100 for consultation only.

“I travelled from Zaka last week, but I am yet to be attended to because I only paid US$100.

“Some are paying US$200 for same day attention.

“I want to restore my wealth. I used to run businesses from cross border trading.

“I used to smuggle fertilisers, farming equipment and other items, and I believe that I was bewitched by one of my relatives in Zaka.

“I consulted a number of prophets and sangomas to no avail,” he said.

One woman said she was told her child was living with a snake in her body and wanted it removed.

Sekuru Tasvo has more than 10 interpreters, as he speaks to his clients, in another language.

He serves his clients free food but accommodation has become a challenge.

Tirikurara panze semombe dzirimudanga munosangana hono nehadzi,” said a man awaiting his turn for consultation.

Clients consult Sekuru Tasvo barefooted and ablution facilities are also a challenge, as people queue to use one toilet.

“I came all the way from South Africa and I hope my problems will be solved by Sekuru Tasvo,” said one of the clients.

One client had a white bird, which was fed some charms, and she was excited to watch it fly away, saying her problems had been solved, at least, from instructions she got from the healer.

Some were busy looking into a glass mug, anticipating to see their enemies, as per the healer’s instructions.

Others were simply starring into clay pots, filled with water, expecting the same outcome.