Dear Emmerson Mnangagwa

I'm writing this letter without fear and without favour.I'm writing this letter not as a politician or an activist but I'm writing as a son of the soil.First and foremost I would like to  salute you for the good things you have done since taking over from the late former president Robert mugabe.The Zimbabwe electoral commission has now indicated that Zimbabwe now has more than 200 political parties it's a clear reflection of the state of affairs in the nation of Zimbabwe and it's a sign of  pain and suffering and vote of no confidence to the current government.As we were celebrating the heroes and defense forces days this week I have a question Mr president I strongly believe you're part of the people who fought for the liberation of this Beautiful country but are you really happy with where we are as a nation?  Are you proud of it ?'our forefathers paid a supreme price during the liberation struggle of this country we too even for me it will be a great honour to pay the price on behalf of my nation.*

I applaud the bravery and patriotism and sacrifice made by the Zimbabwean heroes and heroines in the liberation struggle which saw our nation attain it's independent on the 18th of April 1980.I salute the thousands of people who died for this nation so that the dream of this country could live again I stand proud on our heroes and heroines shoulders and I do not take for granted their sacrifice for a free Zimbabwe.

I honour these gallant sons and daughters for their heroism and daring nerve  in fighting repression and subjugation.

It is however sad to note that the blood and suffering of our gallant sons and daughters has to date not brought about the envisioned freedoms. Our biggest regret is that while we attained political independence, our citizens are yet to be free from the jaws of social and economic yoke The majority of our people are wallowing in economic slavery which has seen most people failing to put food on the table. Zimbabwean citizens have been reduced to paupers in their own land. The liberation struggle has remained unfinished business more than 4 decades later. We doubt if the departed would be proud of what has become of the country for which they waged a brutal and protracted war The collective national aspiration for a better life for all Zimbabweans has remained a dream.

Even the living war veterans have raised the flag that the current status of affairs in the country is not what they fought for. Our great nation has been reduced to a nation of vendors where even our graduates are selling airtime for a living. The soaring unemployment rate has pushed thousands into the diaspora while the remaining workers are poorly renumerated and failing to afford a decent standard of life. People’s pensions have been eroded by inflation and cannot sustain their living. Poverty is reeling its ugly head within communities, a development which has seen thousands of youths taking up drugs. Crime rates have soared amid a deteriorating economic environment. Corruption has become a national tragedy which has brought our nation on its knees. Our health care system is now a sorry state with limited personnel and inadequate apparatus and dilapidated and outdated infrastructure. State institutions have been captured to push political agendas.

Food prices have skyrocketed across the country, fuelled by global disruptions to the food supply chain caused by the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. As we are heading 2023 harmonised elections Mr president

“The economy is a very big pillar in these elections, and it may be a gamechanger,” .

Mr president as we are heading towards the 2023 harmonised elections your government is using the public funds for political survival and not for public interest.Mr president I salute you for on how you got into power, the strategy you used and how you did it without any single bloodshed it shows that you have the brains we need it, now on developing the nation  and choosing the right people  on top government positions.Mr president your policies are misguided and you're receiving wrong economic advices.One other big mistake your government has been making is giving important jobs to party loyalist instead of experts.Being zanu pf is not a qualification and being other parties is not a disqualification.

As of now honestly speaking there's nothing new that came with the new dispensation most of these projects where already there in the shelves.

If you care for this country I'd suggest you find a way  of proving your patriotism. It's good you're eating ,but it's not good to assume that everyone else is eating .The country is suffering they're no jobs, our education system has declined, our health sector has deteriorated, our transport sector is bad.

Mr president before we talk of vision 2030 Let's talk of vision now because we can't talk of re election when we're suffering like this go back to your words you said on your inauguration day at national sports stadium that you're going to hit the ground running