Marry Mubaiwa, the ailing ex-wife of vice president Constantino Chiwenga arrived in court in Harare on wheelchair today.

She had to be wheeled a couple of metres after her vehicle was denied access to car park close to the entrance.

Mubaiwa is in court on attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to kill her then husband (Chiwenga) when he was admitted at a South African hospital.

Mubaiwa is said to be now wetting self as she is unable to visit the loo.

This was disclosed by her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa in an outburst over Harare magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka’s decision to issue a warrant of arrest against Mubaiwa.

Mtetwa told journalists outside court Friday, that Mubaiwa did not miss court appearance willy-nilly but was seriously ill to the extent of wetting herself.

“What sort of a justice system wants to arrest a woman who could not even go to the toilet; she has made herself wet because she can’t go to the toilet, because she is unwell.

“And you tell me she must be arrested because she is in this condition,” she fumed.