In a communique to employees last week, the company CEO whose name has not been cited said BatteryGate has been experiencing difficult times hence the decision to suspend operations.

The staff was told to surrender company properties to Ms. Ruvimbo Ganda, who source understands is Lumumba’s personal assistant.

“Apologies for the lack of communication in recent weeks, as you all are aware the company has been experiencing turbulent times. I have been completely consumed chasing a supplier who owes us more than 500m3 diesel; this has consumed my attention and will continue until resolved.

“There are clients, creditors and debtors who require the highest management inorder to bring the business to order, for now this will be the exclusive focus of the business,” read the memo.

“I regret to inform you all that Batterygate operations will be suspended indefinitely.

“You are requested to surrender all company property to Ms. Ruvimbo Ganda who will manage and caretake this process. Most of you will be deployed elsewhere in the meantime: some of you will not, I appreciate some of you will require assistance and support in your next steps and I affirm that we will co all we can to warrant the assistance

“I have been made aware there are salaries not cleared from the month of July. instructions are in place to clear all in the next couple of days.

“I hope to see you all soon and revisit our goals and plans, until then, it has been an absolute honor meeting and starting this era of Batterygate with you. All Batterygate employment contracts are hereby put on notice and terminated.”

Lumumba’s phone was not available when source tried to contact him for a comment.

Source Nehanda Radio