WILD SCENES| People Queue For Free Food At The Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day Celebrations


There were wild scenes at the National Sports Stadium in Harare as people pressured and queued for free food.

People are gathered at the National Sports Stadium for the annual Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day commemorations. The day was set aside to honour Zimbabwe’s security forces.


Defence Forces Day celebrations
President Emmerson Mnangagwa and wife Auxillia at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day celebrations in Harare. [Image: Twitter]

This year’s celebrations are running under the theme, “Zimbabwe Defence Forces-Creating a Conducive Environment for the Attainment of Vision 2030”.

The country’s Executive, Cabinet, Parliament, service chiefs, and other officials are gracing the event.


Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day
VP Chiwenga and his family at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day celebrations. [Image: Twitter]

Members of the public attended the celebrations, and everyone was offered a box of fast food and a drink to wash down.

People on social media are shocked by the size of the queues, and the pressure people went through just to get a meal.

In a video posted online, there were wild jeers and people stood in large bunches, patiently waiting to get a box of food.

Watch the video below.



Facebook users reacted to the video with mixed reactions. Check out their sentiments below.



“Nyatso zoomer unoiona Piller of strength yako ipapo”


“Stupidity at its highest level, if they were working this would be the norms of the week to take your family out for dinner or lunch to the best restaurants.”


Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day
Food queues at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day celebrations. [Image: Screenshot from the video]


“We want jobs so that we buy ourselves these cheap meals and it’s not like chicken slice is the best thing people can reward themselves with. Zvakawanda zvatoda kutengesa mhuri life is not about huku mhani.”


“Oh Lord but why😥😥😥why are we this suffering, kuvinga food here hama dzangu.”


“Mwari tikomborereiwo isu varombo.. Tarisai nzizi dzatayambuka.. Tichingoitiswa nevakapfuma😢. Zvinhu zvakanaka chaizvo hapana aizombonoita mudungwe we kupihwa chicken and chips😭😭


“Aaah shame inzara vamwe vachatotangawo kuidyira ipapa coz they don’t afford kuzvitengera.”