AFRO SINGER Brighton “Styles Melik” Machaya said he had a memorable studio time working with veteran singer Fatima “Stimela” Katiji.

Styles Melik enlisted the services of Stimela on the song Shanda, his latest song released last week.

Many rising artistes yearn for such opportunities to rub shoulders and collaborate with industry veterans. “Working with Stimela was a life-changing experience. It was more than making a good track, I learned a lot from her,” he said.

Styles Melik described Stimela as a very professional artiste.

“Stimela did not even ask for a fee to be featured on the song. She just came to the studio and worked on the track. Surprisingly, we only knew she was on board after we got to listen to the second sample of the track when Rodney Beats presented the sample to us as a surprise. I am so grateful to her,” Machaya said, adding that collaborations united both artistes and fans.

“I am hoping that having collaborated with Stimela, I will also bring new fans beyond my own fans, something that will help grow my brand. The song Shanda is part of the Inguva singles  collection which will carry four tracks. I have so far released three of the songs Paminamato with an accompanying video featuring Gary Tight, Paivapo (featuring Trevor Dongo) and the final one Inguva will be released before September,” he added.

Melik Styles, a former builder, who plied his trade in Kadoma, exchanged the trowel for a guitar to start his music journey.

He moved to Harare to launch his music career. Upon arrival, he worked with popular producer Cymplex on his first single titled Mwanangu Ndofa before migrating to Oskid for his second song, Munzira.

Melik Styles must have been a nomad in his past life because he is now working with Rodney Beats, the producer of the latest song, Shanda.

“I am inspired by the life I have lived and the stories I came across in my day-to-day life,” he said.

“While some of these stories are sad and others joyful, my hunger is to tell stories in a way that everyone can relate to and this inspires me to write music.”

Melik Styles said he had a lot in his music bag for the fans, urging them to keep on supporting him.

Source Newsday