Police in Harare have arrested two Hopley brothers who stripped a man naked and viciously attacked him using a machete.

Blessing Gurure and his younger brother Tapiwa (23) attacked William Karumbidza (27), who is well known at Gazaland, Highfield, after they caught him in bed with Blessing’s estranged wife, Tesla Chirukamure, after a tip-off.

William, of Glen Norah, sustained a deep cut on his forehead and Tesla suffered two cuts on her left thigh. Both were rushed to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Harare Province, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the arrest. He said:

Police are investigating an attempted murder case involving two men believed to be artisanal minors, who attacked a Glen Norah man.

Circumstances were that one of the suspects found the complainant sleeping with his wife at around 1 am in Hopley.

A neighbour who spoke to source on condition of anonymity said the community saved William from being set on fire by Blessing in anger. Said the neighbour:

William will never set foot in Hopley or entertain sex workers again, considering the way he was attacked.

Tesla’s husband ruthlessly attacked him and did not want to be restrained.

He tied William’s hands and legs with a rope used to draw water from the well and sliced his leg and forehead with a machete.

We engaged people, who were partying in the neighbourhood, to help us save William from being set on fire.

They pulled him off the bed naked, placed him outside the house and covered him with blankets.

They asked him to choose between being set on fire or being thrown into the well.

However, some men disarmed Tesla’s husband and saved William and Tesla’s lives.

William said Tesla had told her that she had separated from her husband and for the past four months he never saw any man at the house.

Tesla said she separated from Blessing after he started cheating on her in Mazowe and decided to return to their rented house in Hopley. She said:

He started cheating on me and I confronted him, and he threatened to kill me.

I decided to return to our rented house in Hopley where I invited William for quality time.

Blessing and his younger brother, Tapiwa, came while we were watching television in bed and broke down the door and attacked us with a machete.

I escaped and met some men, who looked like robbers, after midnight and begged them for help.

They saw the way I was bleeding and the wounds and accompanied me back to the house.

They attacked Blessing and Tapiwa with stones until other people came and helped to rescue William from further attacks.

Two of these guys took William’s US$80 and our two cellphones and a gas tank, as compensation for saving us from Blessing and Tapiwa’s attacks.

I could not argue with them since I suspected them to be robbers and they had rescued us.

Source H-Metro