CCC member Thokozani Khupe said the opposition party needs a thousand votes to gain control of three wards in the upcoming by-election in Bulilima.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) will hold by-elections in Bulilima on 3 September 2022 in Ward 1, 14 and 16 following the resignation of ZANU PF councillors, Tonny Mlotshwa and Ntungamili Dube and the death of Delani Mabhena.

Currently, ZANU PF controls 21 councillors in Bulilima Rural District Council while the opposition MDC Alliance has one ward.

Speaking during a recent Twitter space organised by the CCC Mthwakazi, a group of the party’s supporters based in the diaspora, Khupe, who was the deputy Prime Minister during the GNU era (2009-2013), said:

The by-election will build a strong foundation for the 2023 election. Bulilima used to be our stronghold up until 2013 and it is very possible for us to regain it.

We can only manage to generate these votes, if we have the right tools to use, hence the reason why we are appealing for your assistance in terms of fuel, t-shirts and flyers.

The manpower we have is ready to work but people need assistance to be able to interact with the electorate.

As you know, people vote for the party which interacts with them constantly. That is why it is important that we keep in touch with our electorate until September 2, a day before voting on September 3, 2022.

This can only happen if we go to all the villages and be there every day. That’s why we need fuel, fliers, and t-shirts.

Campaign teams can’t go without t-shirts and regalia because people want to identify with them through their regalia. People need that regalia so we are appealing to you.

We have people who are not registered, people who don’t want to vote and passive voters so we want to change them and make sure everybody votes because every vote counts.

We are going to be interacting with people on the voters’ roll, who are registered, talking to them to generate the 900 and 1 000 votes.

Source  CITE