WATCH| Makhadzi And Zimbabwean Friend Madam Boss  Go Crazy In the UK


Energetic singer and performer Makhadzi met up with her Zimbabwean friend Madam Boss and people were floored by how they went crazy.

Makhadzi, real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, is currently on tour in the United Kingdom. On 30 July, she performed at the JamAfro Festival in Birmingham and linked up with fans for a meet and greet in Manchester.

On 5 August 2022, Makhadzi took time to meet with her Zimbabwean friend Madam Boss, real name Tyra Chikocho, and the two had a blast of a time. The Limpopo powerhouse was scheduled to perform at the ZimFest at the Hertfordshire Stadium in London.

Madam Boss was the host at the event, whose lineup mainly consisted of Zimbabwean acts like Winky D. The actress and comedienne went to Makhadzi’s dressing room, and the two decided to go crazy.


Makhadzi And Madam Boss
Makhadzi and Madam Boss in the UK. [Image: Madam Boss/Facebook]

In a video that Makhadzi shared on her Instagram Stories, she was holding her wig, preparing to go on stage. She wore a black butt rider and crop top with a cool biker jacket, complemented by a Gucci side bag and Louis Vuitton sneakers.

Madam Boss stormed the room, and the two entertainers started dancing crazily, moving one leg in a way that shook their behinds. Makhadzi was waving her wig as she danced, leaning forward and backward in quick succession.

Makhadzi’s friend makes animated facial expressions as she dances with sudden bursts of energy. Makhadzi laughs off, and Madam Boss trips and falls towards the end of the video.


Makhadzi And Madam Boss
South Africa meets Zimbabwe [Image: Madam Boss/Facebook]

Makhadzi captioned the video:


I met my crazy friend in 🇬🇧 @madambosszim. 


Watch the video here.

In June, Madam Boss left South Africans on social media in stitches after her rendition of the Tshintsha MaGear dance challenge.

In the video, she looked shabby and dirty like a mad person, and she finessed the dance so much that Makhadzi could not help but roll with laughter.