INDEPENDENT Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has teared into Minister of Local Government, July Moyo for plunging Harare into debilitating water shortages.

Most areas in the capital experienced water crisis which Harare City Council Mayor, Jacob Mafume attributed to a fault and lack of water chemicals at the Morton Jeffery water works.

Harare was allocated ZW$2 billion and has thus far received ZW$73 million in devolution funds from Treasury.

In his latest Twitter rants, Mliswa says devolution funds should be channelled towards enhancing service delivery, particularly water augmentation projects to cater for the ballooning population in Harare. “It is saddening to notice that Local Government minister can watch the waterworks of our country’s capital completely shut down without showing much concern,” Mliswa wrote.

“Here is a minister who is clinging on to devolution funds, and in the process in the process, incapacitating Harare City’s crucial services like water treatment thereby exposing millions of residents to diseases.

“This is the same man who corruptly pushed for the purchase and installation of water pumps. The big question is, what is the purpose of water pumps when you don’t have water?

“A government of the people cannot afford to stand and watch while July is running riot exposing millions of people to diseases. This madness needs to be stopped,” added the lawmaker.

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led local authority has on numerous times blamed central government for meddling in it’s affairs and financially straining it’s service delivery.

According to a recent survey by Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) revealed the devolution system is flawed as it creates a cannon fodder for corruption.

Harare Residents Trust director, Precious Shumba said government should allow local authorities to operate independently in fulfilment of devolution of powers.

“Section 264 of the Constitution is categorical that governmental powers and authority have to be devolved to provincial and metropolitan councils and local authorities as a measure to strengthen citizen participation and involvement in the running of public affairs.

“Government has to expedite the enactment of devolution legislation and stop acting on behalf of local authorities who have 1 958 councillors capable of making decisions together with the residents. Local authorities have competent technical staff that can complement the councillors and ratepayers,” said Shumba.

Source NewZimbabwe