Jamwanda, a columnist for state-run publication, source, who is believed to be George Charamba, the presidential spokesperson has said the government has been stoking money supply.

A higher supply of money has the potential to further weaken the value of the already depreciating Zimbabwe dollar. Jamwanda wrote:

When Government is the culprit

Seventh and last, the public sector has been stoking money supply. Without going into details and…to Chikurubi ( I am sworn to secrecy!), the State, through its various Ministries, has been discharging into the market more than ZWL10billion a week, through payments, all of them consumptive!

This is hardly surprising: the State accounts for upwards of 75 percent of purchases in the market. I would not have minded if this stupendous amount related to payments for productive activity.

No, all of it went towards consumptive activity. Number One is now seized with the matter and this gargantuan public tongue will now be restrained. Trust me! We who eat masese have nothing to worry. We can loosen our tongues, in anticipation of plenty. Zimbabweans are drinking more opaque beer, after all.

The southern African nation is already tussling with inflation which continues to rise unabated. Government authorities, including President Mnangagwa, blame “economic saboteurs” for the country’s economic misfortunes.

Source Pindula News