Huddah Monroe, a Kenyan socialite and businesswoman, has revealed that she is in a relationship with multiple men, which she has refused to reveal due to jealousy issues.

The local celebrity revealed that she is dating a mysterious boyfriend who, according to her, is unable to access social media because she is jealous that other women might take him. She claims that her boyfriend only uses Snapchat to communicate with a few of her friends; he also has an Instagram account, but it has only 5 followers and no posts.

Despite having a boyfriend, Huddah admits to sleeping with other men on occasion to satisfy her desire to be satisfied in bed. She revealed that she has allowed her man to sleep with other women as long as he follows the rules set by them be together, which include not communicating with the person they sleep with outside of their relationship.

She went on to say that she doesn’t like the men she dates; all she wants is to have them in bed with her for satisfaction, and that’s it. Huddah previously stated that she can tolerate a cheating partner but cannot tolerate a man who constantly lies; to her, cheating is preferable to lying.

"I have a boyfriend but i sleep with other men once in a while"- Huddah Monroe