A HATFIELD teenager successfully wrestled a man, who wanted to rap_e her in a bushy area after finding her in the arms of her lover on Friday afternoon.

The unidentified man accused the two lovebirds of turning a restricted area, close to 1 Commando Barracks, into their love nest.

He demanded US$50 for him not to take them to the army base.

The teenager’s lover, Ernest Sikhosana, only had US$4.

The man ordered Sikhosana to leave and took the girl to another secluded spot, where he attempted to rap_e her.

But the girl managed to free herself after a struggle with the man and escaped.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector, Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the incident, which took place near St Martins.

“Circumstances were that the victim was seated with her lover in a bush when they were approached by an unknown man.

“The accused person was reported to have advised the lovers that they had committed an offence by being at that place.

“The accused person was alleged to have demanded US$50 for their release or risk being taken to 1 Commando Barracks.

“The victim’s lover gave the accused US$4, which he had, but he insisted that it was too little since he was to share the money with his bosses.

“He led the two in the direction of 1 Commando Barracks and released the victim’s lover after walking a distance of about 200 metres.

“The victim handed her handbag and cellphone to her lover for safekeeping and she was led further into the bush.

“The accused person was reported to have demanded payment in kind, since she had no money, and she refused,” said Insp Chakanza.

The man tore the victim’s clothes and attempted to rap_e her, but she wrestled and grabbed his manh00d and twisted it.

She also bit his right ear.

She was given clothes by members of an apostolic sect, who also helped her make a police report.

— HMetro