Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa says each generation has its brand of heroes who pay the ultimate sacrifice to transform society for the better.

In his Heroes Day message, Chamisa said each nation has its own struggles to be fought and won.

He added that national heroes sacrifice is for a country not an organization or a political party.

“Heroes are Zimbabwean heroes not partisan.

“Our memory of our great heroes should not sink or reduced into sentimentality and platitudes.

“Heroes don’t beat, harass, maim and murder people for politicians,” said Chamisa.

He added that it is important to honour heros for their sacrifices.

“We salute all our heroes & veterans dead & living,who sacrificed to birth our great nation.

“We owe it to our heroes & posterity to preserve & crusade the ideals of social justice, an abiding culture of human rights & a gratifying socio-econ order,” he said.