Zimbabwean Gospel Musician Pastor G Shares Weight Loss Tips

Award-winning gospel musician, Pastor G born Stanley Gwanzura, has shared his weight loss tips.

The gospel musician recently set tongues wagging after he revealed that he lost 43kg, from his phenomenal 193 kg to 150,8 kg.

While he has not reached his desired weight of 100kg, many could not help but wonder how Pastor G had shed off that much weight in so short a time.

He revealed that he started his weight loss journey in March this year. Pastor G said when he joined Aruka Lighten Up he was put on supplements and a diet plan for 40 days. Pastor G said:

I started this journey in March 14, 2022 through a programme Aruka Lighten Up, which is run by Pastor Mtungwazi. They started me with supplements from Vitamin C, D as well as diet plan of 500 calories for 40 days, strict diet.

The gospel musician said apart from the diet and supplements, he also exercised. He does dancing, cardio and weights at Invictus gym. Pastor G said:

I would walk 3km to 5km three times a week. I cut out bread, sugar, rice, spaghetti and fizzy drinks. I am much better and lighter and energetic on stage. I can now dance freely. I would eat anything, everything that I came across and that came to my mind, especially on carbohydrates

The last weight loss tip he shared was a change in mindset. He said he cut down on his favourite carbonated soft drinks in 2018. Pastor G said he would drink four litres or more of his favourite soft drinks. He said:

In 2018, I cut down fizzy drinks, before that I could drink four litres or more of fizzy drinks. It affected my health later and had challenges on joints and on knees. I then started adjusting the liquid intake of it

He added that his family was supportive of his weight loss journey. Pastor G said his father’s death from a heart attack during the Covid-19 induced lockdown in 2020 was a wake-up call for him.

Pastor G further added that he does intermittent fasting and is trying to get the advised 8 hours of sleep. He said:

Sometimes I do one meal a day, intermittent fasting and have reduced my window of eating to 11;30am-5;30pm and I don’t eat after 6pm. I am trying to get the eight-hour sleeping

He said his desired weight was advised by his doctor according to body mass. Pastor G is capturing his weight loss journey as part of a reality show called 50/ 50 campaign.