Watch| Video Of A Mother Feeding Her Baby Vodka Goes Viral

In a rather appalling development, a young mother has sparked outrage on social media after video footage of her feeding vodka to her baby went viral.


Woman feeds vodka to her baby
Mother Feeds Vodka to her baby(Screengrab from the video)


In the clip that was first shared on Facebook but has gone viral on many social media platforms, the young Mother can be seen sitting on the floor with her baby. The woman goes on to pour some vodka into the bottle cap before giving it to the child who looks no older than one.

In the background, the child’s father can be seen going about his business oblivious and unconcerned about what the mother was doing.

Watch the video below;

After the video footage went viral, local police authorities intervened.

“Actions were taken to safeguard those involved, and a man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of child cruelty later the same day,” said the police.

The couple was arrested for child abuse and later let out on bail.

Social media users are however not happy with the young couple as they found their actions quite disgusting. They slammed the mother and the father for turning a blind eye to what his wife was doing.


Some people just don’t deserve children, this is so disgusting there’s no words


Special place in hell for people like this


WTF 🤬 these parents should be locked up and never allowed to have kids


They need to lock 🔐 her up and throw away the keys 🔑, not everyone is fit to be a parent😒

Meanwhile, iHarare once reported that a man from Limpopo died during a Jägermeister drinking competition. The man reportedly finished off an entire bottle of Jägermeister in less than two minutes.

The man, who was suspected to be between the ages of 25 and 30, suffered lethal side effects.