Ximex Dealer Boss Pangolin’s Source Of Wealth Revealed Amid Kuromba Allegations

Ximex dealer Boss Pangolin’s source of wealth has been revealed amid allegations that he used juju to get rich popularly known as kuromba.

The allegations started after Boss Pangolin’s alleged bizarre burial instructions to his family leaked. The murderous Ximex dealer is alleged to have instructed his relatives to consult Sekuru Banda to come and collect something from his bedroom.

The note further said the relatives should pay Banda. In response, Sekuru Banda said he did not know Boss Pangolin personally. He said he did not give Boss Pangolin any juju to help him get rich. Sekuru Banda said:

I have received numerous calls and enquiries from the media, and ordinary citizens, on the circulating message alleging that I am supposed to go and remove certain unnamed things from the late Tafadzwa Russel Murengwa, alias Boss Pangolin’s house. While the authenticity of the circulating message has not been verified, I want to categorically state that I do not know Murengwa and I do not remember him coming to my shrine.

A source who spoke to this publication on the condition of anonymity revealed how Boss Pangolin made his money. He said the late Tafadzwa Murengwa made his money by selling one dollar notes as change.

The source said:

Ukuona anaMukuru vese varimuno muZimbabwe? Hapana kwaasina kusvika achinotambidza madhora. Ukuona ana ABC Auction vaye vaye? Ndiye aiva supplier madhora. Ma India pakanetsa nyaya dze change ndiye munhu akaendesa. Haisi nyaya yekuti, nyaya yekuti chii…Ndiro raiva dhiri rake raitoita remadhora. Aiswera akamira kana kuti akabata kana 200 dollars…Anenge achiti iwe ukauya ne 10 iye okupa 9. Iye anenge atora ne 3% iye ozorova 7%. 

The source also suggested that Boss Pangolin was politically connected. They argued that was the reason why his cars had no number plates.

Tafadzwa Murengwa was the second born child in a family of four boys and one girl.

He attended Umvukwesi Primary School in Mvurwi, where he grew up, and did his secondary education at Mazowe Boys High.