WATCH| Wife Catches Husband Red-Handed, Takes Away Side Chick’s Clothes


Social media is up in smoke after a wife caught her husband red-handed in bed with his side chick and took away her clothes.

The unidentified woman must have gotten intel that her husband was in the middle of an intimate escapade, and she decided to slip back home.

The woman creeps into her lavish bedroom and silently walks onto the bed where her unsuspecting husband and lover were sleeping.
The two were done having intercourse and had slumbered and dozed off n*ked.

The wife gets to the bed and yanks off the blanket before calmly saying, “Hello guys.”

The shocked couple wakes up, and as the side chick wades off the sleep stupor, she realises that she is being recorded with no clothes on and hides her face.

The cheating husband realises it’s about to go down, and he gets off the bed and takes the nearest item he can wear.


Wife Catches Husband Red-Handed
Wife Catches Husband Red-Handed In Bed With A Side Chick [Image: Screenshots from the video]

The wife and the side chick tussle for a bit before the former stoops to take away the side chick’s clothes. The cheating lady goes back onto the bed and covers her body and face with the blanket, to which the other woman says:


You don’t want to show your face here? Hmm? You don’t want to show your face? Look at you guys.


The wife then takes away the blanket, leaving the side chick stark-n*ked. Her husband then calls the police and reports his wife for assault. The irritated woman goes closer to her husband, who is on the phone, and she shouts:


Why? she doesn’t belong here. She’s butt-n*ked in my house. I’m the owner of this house. This woman is in my house, but-n*ked in my room. Please send somebody here. Tell them you got caught cheating


The side chick is just sitting aloof at the other end of the bed, with visible injury marks on her bed to show she has received a thorough beating. The husband tells the police that his wife came in and thought he was cheating.

After the call, the wife shifts to the side chick and says to both cheats:


You don’t want to get out of my house? She was sleeping in my bed, not dressed, right? So she’s leaving the same way. Don’t tell me what not to do. This is my house. You could have gone and f**ked her somewhere else, but you didn’t.


Wife Catches Husband Red-Handed
Wife Catches Husband Red-Handed In Bed With A Side Chick [Image: Screenshots from the video]

The enraged woman then smashes the side chick with a stick and fumes as they have a brief exchange:


WifeOut! B**ch, I said get the f**k out of my house.

Side chick: Can I have my stuff?

Wife: Why are you even here? It’s now my stuff. It’s my house, my property.

Side chick: Even the law would tell you to give me my stuff.

Wife: Okay, then out. Out. Show me which law. What happens in my house, my rules. Do you have an address here?

Side chick: Did I say that?

Wife. Okay. Oh, you’re going viral, honey. Oh, you don’t want to be on video? You were never expecting me home.


Watch the whole scandal here.