Popular Social Media Prophet Thwasa Lodumo Reveals Source Of Power

Popular Zimbabwean Prophet Thwasa Lodumo has revealed his source of power.

Lodumo is known for healing people according to their preferences.  For those that need healing in a Christian way, he does so and for those that prefer to be healed in a traditional way he also does that.

Speaking to a local tabloid, Thwasa Lodumo revealed that in is family there were traditional healers. He said when they passed away, their spirits visited him in his sleep and asked to use him as a conduit and he agreed.

Prophet Lodumo said he requested them to heal following Christian principles and they agreed. Thwasa Lodumo said:

I requested from them (amathonga or spirits) to heal people following a Christian method and they agreed. So when a person who is plagued by sickness approaches me we discuss on which way to follow – either a Christian way or traditional way

He says when a patient visits him, Prophet Lodumo consults the ancestors and they advise him whether to use izihlahla or water. Sometimes they instruct him to engage in a prayer and fasting. Prophet Thwasa Lodumo:

At times I engage in prayer and fasting to deliver a person. And as I would be reading the Bible while on the mountain, abomkhulu reveal the verses which I have to give to a client

Thwasa Lodumo revealed that he is not limited by distance as he uses social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook to transform people’s lives.

He said:

As a messenger I use social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook to reach and heal my clients especially those who are outside Victoria Falls and overseas. One can just send his or her name and surname or picture via WhatsApp and I use that information to instantly establish their ailments. After that I explain the findings to them before I prescribe the solution.