A HARARE man has accused his stepmother of killing his father.

Brighton Mandodewa is also being accused of insulting his stepmother, Christine Madaka, calling her a witch.

Christine has since applied for a protection order against Brighton, citing verbal and physical abuse.

“He insults me through prayers, calling me names.

“Sometime last year, he assaulted me in the presence of High Court officials.

“When I reported him to the police, he told the neighbours and they insulted me from 8pm to 1am, saying I should not have done that,” Christine said.

In response, Brighton told the court that he has never insulted her.

He indicated that his father died just after marrying Christine.

His late father legally married Christine in August 2014.

He died in October the same year.

“My father died the same year he married Christine.

“During the mourning period, she went on to register my father’s estate at the High Court.

“I don’t hate her because, when my father died, she was two months’ preg_nant and I had to help her take care of the baby,” Brighton said.

Magistrate Rutendo Machingura, who presided over the matter, dismissed the application due to lack of merit.

— HMetro