JUNIOR Chamber International (JCI) vice-president for Africa and Middle East Richard Ojo, who visited the country last week, said Zimbabwe was the suitable host for the Africa and Middle East Conference to be held in Victoria Falls next year, because of its demography of young people.

JCI Zimbabwe won the bid to host 2023 Africa and the Middle East Conference in Victoria Falls which runs from May 17 to 20. The bid was presented at the 2022 JCI Africa and Middle East conference in Hammamet, Tunisia which was held in June this year.

In an interview with source, Ojo said Zimbabwe had a huge number in terms of potential membership for the organisation, which made the southern African country the ideal destination for the conference.

“What makes Zimbabwe a suitable destination is that it is an African country with a unique personality of a sovereign State.  Secondly the demography of young people here is about 40% so that is a huge number in terms of potential membership in the organisation in Zimbabwe,” Ojo said.

The JCI signature event is held annually in different cities of Africa and the Middle East region and offers the host country a unique opportunity to showcase its hospitality, economic, and business strengths, as well as the potential of its people, communities, and country.

Ojo said their theme for this year was Leading Is Our Duty.

He said within the course of the year they were able to work with young people all over the world in accepting responsibility as they believe that leadership lies in the youth.

“Leadership lies in the youth, you don’t have to become the president before you become the leader, you don’t have to be the managing director of the company you work for before you become a leader, you can lead from wherever you are,” he said.

“Even in that local community where you are, if you do the right thing and you become a shining ambassador of good leadership collectively you can have a better place not only for us but you can build a good environment for future generations.”

JCI leadership development organisation brings together young leaders between the ages of 18 and 40 whose purpose is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change around the world, uniting all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.

This membership-driven organisation has so far been active in more than 5 000 locations, across nearly 115 countries.

Source Newsday