Ximex Dealer Boss Pangolin’s Last Moments Revealed

Murderous Ximex dealer Tafadzwa Murengwa’s last moments have been revealed.

Murengwa, popularly known as Boss Pangolin, made headlines when he callously murdered his girlfriend on Friday before briefly going on the run and eventually committing suicide.

In leaked audio, Murengwa had indicated he was going to skip the border ostensibly to mislead the police. Boss Pangolin sought refuge in the leafy Shawasha Hills.

Acting on a tip-off, police raided the house around 10 PM and found Boss Pangolin in the driver’s seat. He was ordered to leave the vehicle he took his time and only emerged five minutes later after he had taken a poisonous pesticide used in agriculture.

The pesticide is also used as an insecticide for slow release on pest strips for pest control in homes, and also as a deworming agent in dogs, swine, horses and pigs.

Last Friday at around 9.30 PM, detectives from CID Homicide received information that Murengwa had been spotted parked at the house in Shawasha Hills and they went after him.

A police source who spoke to a local publication said when they approached Boss Pangolin, he locked himself inside his grey unregistered Toyota Aqua before they ordered him to open the doors but he did not comply.

The source who revealed Boss Pangolin’s last moments said the Ximex dealer had froth coming out of his mouth when he eventually opened the door. The police source said

He later opened the left front passenger door after about five minutes and collapsed on the ground. He had froth coming out of his mouth. A search was conducted inside the vehicle upon which an empty container of the insecticide was recovered behind the front passenger seat. Further searches were carried out and a .38 Webley revolver loaded with four spent cartridges was recovered under the drivers’ seat. A silver Apple laptop, an iPhone cellphone, a small black bag with R5 030, US$827, bank card, bail slip in respect of the accused person and receipt of Beforward Zimbabwe for cash purchase of a Mercedes Benz unknown type was also recovered under the same seat

Murengwa was taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital where he died on admission.

Last Thursday, Boss Pangolin appeared in court at the Harare Magistrates Court in a case where he had been arrested on Wednesday for assaulting the now deceased ex-girlfriend, Samantha Dzapata (28) of Waterfalls.

After being released on bail, Boss Pangolin dished out about US$2 000 near the former Ximex Mall area.

One of his close friends told a local publication that after being released on bail, Boss Pangolin had told Samantha that he wanted to kill her.

On Friday, Boss Pangolin shot Samantha once in the head. Samantha, who was in the company of her sister, was walking from Highlands Police Station where she had made a police report following Boss Pangolin’s threat to kill her.