Ximex Dealer Boss Pangolin ‘s Funeral & Burial In Pictures

Murderous Ximex dealer Boss Pangolin was laid to rest on Wednesday at his rural home in Guruve.

A funeral service was held in Harare in the morning before mourners proceeded to Guruve for the burial.

There was speculation that Boss Pangolin, real name Tafadzwa Murengwa, did not die given the absence of any pictures to prove that he was dead.

There was body viewing before Murengwa’s remains were interred. Boss Pangolin’s fellow Ximex dealers were pallbearers at the burial.

Boss Pangolin Funeral Pictures
One of the pictures taken from Boss Pangolin ‘s funeral and burial (Image Credit: H-Metro)


Boss Pangolin’s uncle Vincent Murengwa told a local tabloid that the Ximex dealer kept his love life private. He said Tafadzwa Murengwa’s life could have been saved had he sought counsel. Boss Pangolin’s uncle said:

We knew nothing about his love troubles and if only he had told us, maybe, we could have advised and prevented this tragedy. He was reserved and had even lied to another uncle that he was going to China. He never said anything to us, and all we know is what’s on those audios circulating on social media. The whole family is still in shock and struggling to come to terms with the fact that he took his own life, and that of his girlfriend

Boss Pangolin Funeral Pictures
Boss Pangolin’s coffin in Guruve before the burial (Image Source: H-Metro)


Boss Pangolin’s uncle added that they have since reached out to Samantha Dzapata‘s family. He said they are willing to compensate the Dzapata’s whose daughter was shot and killed by his nephew. He said:

We engaged the Dzapatas and they said they will get back to us over the issue. Izvi zvinhu zvatakaitirwa nevana so, none of us is to blame and we all should meet halfway.

Boss Pangolin Funeral Pictures
Boss Pangolin’s final resting place (Image Credit: H-Metro)

The family said it is still waiting for postmortem results to determine Pango’s actual cause of death.

Earlier, police announced that the dealer died after downing a poisonous insecticide.