THE National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has finally closed its case in a matter Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) national spokesperson Fadzai Mahere is charged with communicating falsehoods.

This comes two years after the lawyer’s arrest with prosecution having dragged due to non-cooperation of State witnesses.

Mahere complained over how the delay was impacting negatively on her life due to the existing bail conditions however noting that she would overcome the setbacks.

“This week marks 2 years since I was placed on remand. Still reporting to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). My passport is being held by the clerk of court. Still on bail. But we move!,” she said.

Mahere is accused of publishing falsehoods in a case involving a woman whose child was erroneously reported to have been struck and killed by a baton wielding Harare police officer who was enforcing the country’s lockdown rules earlier during the month.

The mother of the child is one Rebecca Musariri.

Also charged with the same offence are CCC lawmaker Job Sikhala and government critic, Hopewell Chin’ono.

ZRP refuted the claim and said the child at the centre of the storm was alive.

A video of the incident went viral last year with the mother wailing while holding onto a police officer who “allegedly assaulted her baby to death.”

Mahere also complained that the charges against her were ridiculous

“In the new Zimbabwe, nobody will be persecuted for free speech, holding the government  to account or demanding justice and fairness. Liberty is a cornerstone of democracy,” she said.

Source NewZimbabwe