There has been the release of yet another video that illustrates how people’s brains have been enslaved by religion.

As depicted in the video, members of the church can be seen throwing money at the feet of the pastor, who is referred to by some internet users as a “Mafia Pastor.” After doing so, they hug the pastor in order to receive his spiritual blessings.

After the members of the congregation have finished the rite, the pastor, whose appearance, particularly his choice of clothing and haircut, casts serious doubt on his authenticity as a true man of God in the eyes of internet users, immediately transports them into the realms of the spirits.

Congregants who started getting unsteady as a result of the spiritual impartation was observed being held up by his junior pastors who have been stationed nearby.

The video has been met with a variety of responses on the internet; nevertheless, the one issue that seems to unite people’s thoughts is the idea that organized religion has brought more problems than solutions to the human race, and in particular to Africans.