It has been announced that the veteran actor Prince Yawson has passed away.

It is believed that he fought off an illness for some time but ultimately succumbed to it earlier today at the 37 Military Hospital.

Mr Yawson was 52 years of age.

The seasoned actor Bob Smith Jnr (Diaboloman), who was inconsolable once the news broke, confirmed the unfortunate tragedy.

The actor, who goes by the stage name “Waakye,” has been in a number of popular films that have been produced in Ghana.

The actor addressed allegations about his condition in October 2020, confirming those rumors but adding that God had healed him.

This came after it had been asserted that he had suffered a small stroke at some point in the past.

Waakye, however, showed signs of having made a full recovery and discovered his calling in April of 2021 when he was ordained as a Reverend Minister.

After he formally retired from the film industry, he moved to Accra to begin his new religious vocation and enrolled in a Bible school there to prepare for it.

A great number of Ghanaians were taken aback by the news of his passing. Many of them have resorted to various forms of social media to express their condolences.