ZIMBABWE Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) spokesperson John Makamure has expressed ignorance over indications the anti-graft body is investigating Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena on allegations of having stolen and diverted presidential inputs.

A warehouse in Gokwe belonging to Wadyajena, who is chairperson of the parliamentary portfolio committee on land and agriculture, was raided by police officers last month, where they recovered three truckloads of Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (COTTCO) inputs that had been meant for subsistence farmers.

Called for updates on the case, Makamure said he knew nothing about the matter despite police spokesperson assistant commissioner Paul Nyathi confirming twice to source that ZACC was handling it.

“I am not aware of those investigations, maybe they are being handled by other law enforcement agencies,” said Makamure prompting clarification from Nyathi who again confirmed ZACC was handling the matter. Police’s only involvement, according to sources, was the warehouse raid.

Sources within the ruling party who declined to be named, raised concerns President Emmerson Mnangagwa could have stepped in to save Wadyajena, with whom he is close.

“This could have been stopped at the top, because it does not make sense that police raid and handover a matter to ZACC then the ZACC spokesperson fails to know especially considering the character involved,” said the source.

With factional fights having resurfaced in the ruling Zanu PF ahead of its elective congress in October and 2023 general elections, some members eyeing his seat and in support of alternative leaders in Gokwe-Nembudziya have called for investigations into Wadyajena.

“What we know is that the president never tolerates corruption and we must-see all-party members, especially those in leadership follow suit. The whole constituency is celebrating right now after the police raid and they want things to be rectified before the farming season begins,” one of them said upon revelation of the alleged crime.

COTTCO is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal that has gotten the parastatal’s managing director Pious Manamike and his marketing and business development manager Maxmore Njanji arrested.

Both are said to have had a close working relationship with Wadyajena. Njani who is said to be eyeing political, allegedly used the same inputs to oil his political campaigns.

Source NewZimbabwe