Temba Mliswa Slams Zimbabweans For ‘Believing’ Ex-Lover Susan Mutami’s Sensational Allegations


Firebrand Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has slammed Zimbabweans for lacking objectivity by believing the allegations made by his baby mama Susan Mutami against high-ranking government officials.

Mutami sent social media into a frenzy after she made a series of sensational allegations against many top government officials, including the President.

In a Twitter space, Mutami alleged that she had been sexually abused since she was a minor. She dropped many names and gave out graphic encounters of the alleged abuse as well as other trysts.

However, her ex-lover, Temba Mliswa, rubbished her claims, arguing that she has no evidence for any of it.

Mliswa also slammed Zimbabweans, alleging that they lack objectivity.

Writing on social media on Monday morning, Mliswa said,

There is a deafening lack of objectivity in our approach to issues as Zimbabweans, which I believe is a result of the polarised politics. We can’t clinically dissect issues but quickly emotionalise, politicise and personalise matters that would do best with none such.

This Susan ‘scandal’ is just the latest of many such cases where people ditch factual objectivity for convenient fallacies whose blurred paths lead to their preferred results, however illogical. However no amount of solidarity around a falsity can remedy it to be a fact.

I have raised a litany of cases where Susan has been shown to be a liar& fabricator& people have chosen to ignore that because her attacks on @edmnangagwa suit their political orientation. The irony is that the herd is inadvertently using her again to aid their political cause!

My basic request for evidence& integrity has been shunned because it unmasks the crude craft of her script. Suddenly you are all not interested in evidence, personal integrity and context. The sudden latitude of belief in such large yarns is astounding. It betrays the politics!

I offer no apology for my defence of the Office of the President from naked attacks that have no evidence. That office, nothwithstanding who is in it, should be respected. Any allegations need evidentiary support not allowed to float on hot air& our titilicious imaginations!

I will take the same position even if it were occupied by
@nelsonchamisa @DMwonzora or @Dr_DanielShumba. We should separate the person from the office. We have failed that and accepted these allegations weakly because some of you simply hate the occupant. That’s wrong!

Susan is a suspicious complainant who is approaching the social media court with dirty hands warranting investigation of herself before anything else! Why haven’t we looked at all these other cases? Because we have foregone conclusions and agendas!

However, one funny takeaway from the saga, for a people with one of the highest inflations in the world, is that we are still very much given to gossip and the flirtatious. This kind of focus is absent on the more substantial issues of the land. This should worry us!

Under the seeming moral outrage and call for justice is a base thirst for noonday gossip and vain stories which is exemplified and answered by the high number of “celebrities” who are flooding social media timelines with sordid, stupid and empty acts.

Go back in time to when you first heard about Susan, follow the narrative and stories from there to today and you may realise you are just part of an audience lent outrage through great scripting by players involved in a different ballgame altogether.

It is this apparent abuse of social media through flagrant& reckless attacks on other people which invite some political parties to find ground for legislation such as the Cyber Crime Bill whose enforcement curtails a lot of freedoms ultimately. And then we complain again!

Susan has named a litany of men in her sex escapades& yet she remains the only beacon of virtue& integrity! Does that seat right unless you have other vendettas? She remains the only one to believe! She has lied many times& yet you still find her virtuous enough to believe?

This ability to swallow a comforting lie, instead of facing the truth and dealing with it expeditiously is what has derailed the opposition for years, limiting it from achieving its full ability. Some moments simply require hard truths.