LOOKING around your workplace, you will agree that for the first time in history the generation Z which l normally call “Ama 2000” or the Zillennials has filled the workplace. This generation Includes those who were born between 1996 and 2015. This generation is expected to make up 30% of the workforce by 2030 and believe me they will. Most HR leaders are failing to understand them as they are failing to relate to these young people to help them harness their strengths, engage them in their work, and also onboard them into the workplaces. This generation has a whole lot to offer and that will be discussed by this article.

Ama 2000 — who are they?

Ama 2000 emerged from the digital age — similar to millennials. However, they have a knack for developing themselves, rely on technology to complete tasks, are innovative and self-educated. This new generation of influencers has come on the scene and they are the Zillennials or generation Z. Generation Z is still relatively new to the workplace, but they are already making their mark in businesses by demonstrating new levels of digital competence, dedication and drive to achieve a goal. This generation is known for being ever-present messaging, on the internet, on social networks and on mobile systems. To some they have already started employing the new cohort of young professionals to tap into their skills.

Characteristics of #Ama2000s

They are digital in nature

This generation is the type to buy a gadget, set it up and read the manual later. Technology is not just something that exists to them, but it is a need that facilitates their day-to-day communication, allowing them to share ideas, be entertained and remain

Ama 2000 is a group that is “ready to rumble” with the emerging of the fourth industrial revolution, while the older generations are in fear of job losses, among other things. This generation is more dependent on technology, while millennials have understanding of technology and how to use

For Ama2000s their technological dependence is not necessarily considered to be an addiction, but rather that they view their mobile devices as “extensions” of themselves, and that they cannot even live without them. Their approach to work is a “work smart not hard attitude”. For example, if you hand over a task to a “2000”, they are more likely think of a simpler way of completing it. Their minds know no boundaries, and they will explore all options to get things done.

They are social gurus

Ama 2000s have open and bubbly personalities, always looking to make new friends in real life and on their social media platforms. For example, they are always up to date with the latest trends, making it easy to start a topic or build conversations with others.

They capture every moment of their lives, a quick selfie before going out with friends, snap of their meal before devouring and capturing funny activities of their lives to share on their social media platforms, a smartphone is more than just that to Ama 2000. They are not afraid to buy things online, while older consumers still have some hesitations about sharing their credit card and personal or financial information online, Ama 2000 is not as

They are interconnected.

Ama 2000 truly live and breathe the virtual connection life, and it is extremely common to see them becoming social and product influencers. Social media is a crucial element to this generation as technology continues to

As a generation that grew up in the era of  high-speed internet and the openness to personal information sharing on social media, Ama 2000 is well-known for being ever-connected online to their peers and social communities. Generation Z is also well known for using Tik tokFaceTime, instead of texting or calling, unlike previous generations and their utilisation of social media and digital

The side hustle generation.

The idea of a job for life seems unthinkable to young people entering the world of work today. Work has become less permanent and more fluid, and the changing nature of work has manifested in the rise of the side-hustle to bring in extra income for Ama 2000. It is very common to see an industrious Ama 2000 working on freelance photographic project or managing their own e-commerce website during a lunch break. This generation can have more streams of income, especially online.

Despite economic hardship, young people have access to digital tools that were beyond their parents’ reach. These platforms offer new opportunities to connect, create and make money.

How should businesses adapt for Ama 2000 workers?

As “Ama 2000” enters the workforce, companies should create environments conducive to recruiting and retaining them. Success in business is all about being able to adapt and adjust effectively to challenges and

Companies must show they are diverse, environmentally conscious and on board with inclusion if they want to recruit and retain the Ama 2000 generation. Before managers look to improve their workplace’s culture, operations and offerings, they must first appreciate who they are working with. They need to understand that employees work differently and that they have dissimilar expectations when it comes to how they produce and what they expect from upper management.

Provide opportunities and freedom to provide their insights

Ama 2000 generation are full of innovative ideas and potential to do great things. While these ideas are often suppressed, they never seem to run out of new ones. They want their knowledge to be acknowledged and enough opportunities to provide their insights. In that way they feel that their input is being valued. If they feel not valued, they are also highly prone to depression and that can affect co-workers and the company at large. If you give them that choice, they would prefer to stay with you as very few companies do

Ama 2000 need flexible working arrangements

Ama 2000 generation believe that workplace flexibility should be defined by the freedom of deciding where, when and how they can perform their tasks. And at the same time, the productivity can not be measured by how much hours they have spent in the office, but how successful they performed their tasks. Employee benefits like working from home, flexible work policies and remote jobs have recently taken over job postings and career pages as competitive benefits to attract up-and-coming talent. The Ama 2000 generation seek out flexible jobs with a hybrid workplace model.

Source Newsday